Wub With Me

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This track, Wub With Me, is hands down my favorite release so far of 2017. It’s a blend of Moombahton, Dubstep and Reggaeton, fusing tons of different elements all into one. My goal was to make the song catchy and upbeat while still using heavy dubstep synths, combining different vibes into one energetic track.

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Song Explanation

Like I said above, I really worked to blend tons of different styles into this track, so I originally started with some dope Reggae vocals to really kick the song off. Layered along with the vocals I also have a dubstep stab, where I essentially play one note between the vocals. This is a useful production technique, because it prepares the listener for later on in the track.

The Moombahton groove then begins, really setting the tone and pace of the over all song. After the initial intro and build, I then play the vocals “Hey YO We Gettin Buck” to set the drop off right.

For the drops of this track, I used tons of different synths from both Massive and Serum. For most of the songs I recently released, I like to stick to 1 or 2 main synths and modulate them a lot, but for this track I really combined tons of different synths. I then added a multiband compressor to the chain, just to blend the instruments together and make them sound a lot more tight.

All of this I mixed with some heavy Moombahton drums and percussive elements, really creating a super upbeat drop.

The track then transitions into a quick build, which then jumps right back into the second drop. To keep the pace that I’ve already built up, I switched up the arrangement of the synths and also added in some new ones, just to make it interesting.

It transitions into the outro, where I switch up the percussion/drum groove right before the end, just for mixing purposes.

Get Buck.

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