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Will EDM Ever Die?

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When any big trend emerges, one inevitable question comes up: When is this going to fade away? What’s interesting is that people are now looking at Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as a trend – something that has a shelf life, and will eventually fade away. From my perspective, however, EDM will never go away – because there’s one unique aspect about Electronic Music that few bring up.

Now I want to stress that even though I’m a DJ/Music Producer, this is still an objective perspective as there’s a huge angle that a lot of people don’t consider.

Going back…I mean…way back…all music was percussion. During the cave man era, it was only beats and rhythms. Zero pitches existed.

Then, one day…something amazing happened. People started singing. Now, there were pitches. Chords. Melodies. It wasn’t a “new” genre of music, per se, it was an evolution of music.

Fast forward, and the first instrument was made – a flute made out of bone. 40,000 years ago, we had the first instrument ever – and music was revolutionized once again.

First Instrument

Now, jump ahead far into the future to 1974, where the first electronic synthesizer was made. Although it took roughly 30-ish years, the next revolution of music has come about: Electronic.

Producers and artists can now make sounds using electrical signals – which has thus transformed into programs, virtual synths, and a lot more.

Jumping back to the original question, Will EDM Ever Die?, my answer is a strict no. The main reason why is because electronic is just the evolution of music – not just a genre. Various people have compared EDM to Disco, and while there are some similarities, they are very separate in terms of their impact on music.

Electronic Music, in the beginning, was talked about binarily: Do you like EDM? Do you not like EDM?

That has now evolved into sub-genres: “I don’t like Dubstep, but I like House.”

Even Music Platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc, have sub-genres for electronic music now – this doesn’t exist for any other “genre.”

As EDM is becoming integrated in our culture, it will go through the same phases has other musical revolutions: At first, weird, but after a while, it will the current state of what it means to listen to music.

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