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There’s been tons and tons of collab videos ever since Mashd N Kutcher created their first WHEN U COLLAB WITH THE PIZZA GUY video. Because I love their videos and originality so much, I decided to make my own “COLLAB” video – but do it in a slightly different way.

In case you don’t know, “WHEN U COLLAB” videos are tracks where you take someone else’s voice, sound effect, impact, noise, etc – and create an entire song around it. People have collabed with everything from mayonnaise to fútbol announcers, and the result is always interesting to see and hear.

Here is my collab video while doing parkour – below the video I have the description and the full track!

I went to Hub Parkour Training Center, which is the first ever Parkour gym in Massachusetts, to begin the collabing. To start, I had my friend Jayme film me doing a side flip of a ledge – which turned out to be the “drop” sound of this track. After some editing, it came out a high pitched dubstep-like synth.

Next, I had Jayme do a lache, which is when you swing off a bar, tree, or any raised tub-like object. That sound turned out to be the beginning synth, which came out like an electro house/big room style instrument.

Those two synths comprised the entire track, and all I needed last was a line right before the drop, which I got by accident. I was filming Dylan Polin, who is one of the owners and founders of Hub Parkour Training Center, and he did a flip which I jokingly asked “What kind of flip is that?” He replied saying it was an “808 Flip,” which was the perfect name of the track. The term 808 originally comes from the Roland TR-808 – which was an old school drum sequencer. That’s why you’ll always hear 808 Kick and 808 Snare thrown around with music production – making this name even more perfect.

The track came out as a heavy bass trap banger – you can listen to the entire track below and it’s completely free for download!

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