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What is Marc Freccero’s Day Usually Like?

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I get asked all the time what my average day is like, so I figured hey – why not write a blog post about it. The truth is, each and every day is completely different, but there are some similarities between the days that are pretty consistent (for the most part). I’m always bouncing around between shows, filming videos, producing music, working out and more, so there’s a lot that I do in just one day.

There’s a lot I’m going to pack into this post, mainly so: 1. If you want to mimic some of the techniques I use and 2. If you’re curious to see how my day is roughly structured. Everything in my day is structured to optimize psychological and physiological performance, so lets get started!


9am (ish): Wake Up

I find that waking up around 9am helps optimize my performance, as I get the best work done when I initially wake up and super late at night. Over the years my sleep schedule has changed, as I have no problem sleeping now for even 9 hours because I’m doing cognitively intensive tasks (finishing up an album, filming videos all day, etc).



After initially waking up I’ll have a bunch of water and then Brain Octane, which is high quality facts/MCT Oil as I do Intermittent Fasting/Caloric Restriction. Essentially I don’t eat from 10pm at night to 2pm the next day (a 16 hour fast). During the fasting period I only have Green Tea or Coffee, Water and Brain Octane. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now, and I find it significantly enhances my performance both mentally and physically. In addition, I shoot to have – at leasta gallon of water a day (I usually have 2-3).



The first activity I do after waking is write in my “Buck Journal,” as I call it. It’s very similar to the 5-minute journal that was popularized by Tim Ferriss, most recently in his book Tools of Titans. I have 3 sections:

First, I write down 3 simple things I’m grateful for (the sun is out, I’m wearing sweatpants, etc). My goal is to be grateful for the small things – because if you can’t do that, you won’t be grateful for the big things. Next, I’ll write down 3 reasons why I’m going to succeed. It’s very easy when pursuing any dream to start doubting yourself, so I always pick 3 traits/abilities/skill sets/etc that enable me to be successful. Lastly, I write down 3 things that I want to accomplish as if I already accomplished them (ex. I’m so grateful I’m making a million dollars a year).



The next thing I do set up my Macbook and production equipment. If I’m stationary, I use the Rokits KRK 6’s for my studio monitors, a Velodyne CHT for sub frequencies with the Traktor Kontrol S4 as my interface (it transfers the audio from my laptop to the speakers for maximum quality). If I’m traveling, I use the Focusrite Scarlette Solo as my interface and my ATH-M50x Headphones.

Once everything is set up, the first thing I do is check all my stats and analytics from the day before. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, because I get to see how my music, videos, blog posts, and more did on the previous day. Checking how many clicks/views/plays/etc you get can get addicting, so I make sure to do it just in the morning.

After checking my analytics (which takes about a couple minutes) I then check – GASP – my email. This is a gigantic stigma in the entrepreneurial world, as stated numerous times by Tim Ferriss in his book Four Hour Work Week. However for me, I get excited to check email and it motivates me, as I get to see what offers and interesting messages I get (I send out a lot of email, as I’ll explain more below).



At this point I start producing music, as I produce music the best in the morning. If you want to listen to my music productions, check out my Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more (search Freccero to find me on just about every music platform).



I usually produce until I hit a good stopping point, and this is usually around 1/2pm. Sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes it’s later, depending on my productivity and flow, but usually around mid-day/early afternoon is when I stop producing.


(After Producing)

Once I save and back-up all my files after producing, I then workout. Because I’m still in a fasted state, I’ll either have Coffee or BCAAs with Caffeine as my pre-workout.

When it comes to my workouts specifically, I’ll either do Bodyweight Workouts, Planche/Gymnastic Strength-Based Workouts, or I’ll do Parkour/Free Running and Tricking. It varies everyday, as I always switch it up to give me a huge workout and achieve more gains than the day before.

After my workout I’ll then do a 10 minute Sauna, followed by a 5 minute cold shower.


Post Workout (Usually around 2/3pm)

After my workout I’ll then have Whey Protein and Dextrose, giving my body everything it needs right after working out (in addition to breaking my fast).

Next, I’ll have my vitamins/supplements, which are: Green SuperFood Powder, Fiber Tablets, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 + K2 (as a Synergistic Blend), Probiotics, and Milk Thistle.



After working out and breaking my fast, I’ll then make sure to have roughly 150+ grams of protein between finishing my workout and 10pm. At this point I’ll then make sure to eat tons of food, and I usually have dark leafy green vegetables, eggs, chicken, salmon, tuna, nuts, etc – basically anything high in protein and vegetables.


3/4pm – 10pm

This time period is usually the most random every day, as I then focus on marketing/blogging/filming videos and more. Everyday is completely different – for example, right now I’m burning Promo Mixes while writing this blog post, and then afterwards I’ll work on some Marketing ideas. In addition, sometimes I’ll start producing again right after working out, but this varies day-by-day.

In addition, this is also my time that I spend learning new things. I’m constantly researching ways to improve my mental and physical health and performance, and I’m always revising my fitness and productivity systems.

Lastly, right before 10pm hits, I then work to have some food with Casein Protein (usually Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt), as Casein takes a while for your body to absorb (meaning you’re refueling your body while sleeping).


10pm – ?

Around 10pm is where the night can go all over the place. Sometimes I continue working or producing music until I pass out, sometimes I’m out partying or at events, it really all depends. My day is pretty tightly structured from the time I wake up until after I’m done working out – after that, it really varies. No matter what, I’m 100% working on something and hustling on some pursuit, as time is the most valuable asset we all have and I make sure to never let it go to waste.


That’s pretty much my average daily schedule! If you have any questions about it, or anything I mentioned, feel free to post it in the comments.

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