Wake Me to the Beat

Wake Me to the Beat

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Wooooo new music! This new track, Wake Me to the Beat, is definitely the funkiest track that I’ve made yet. It is a blend of Moombahton, Future Funk, and Bass House. This is one of those tracks that I was jamming out to as I was producing it, so definitely check it out below!

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The song starts off immediately with a huge funky sample and some light percussion, which then builds into the first verse. Because I wanted to introduce the blend immediately (just so it doesn’t seem weird later on in the song, I have a growl immediately followed by a saxophone melody.

In case you didn’t know, I played the saxophone for 7+ years, specifically with Jazz and Ska, and I’ve always wanted to do a track featuring a solid saxophone part. Turns out, this was the one.

As the song progresses into the build, I then bring in a new sax melody that builds along with all the other synths and effects. Right before the drop, I have the sax melody finish off, followed by the vocals “Wake Me to the Beat” (hence the name of the track).

At the drop, I introduce a huge electro/bass house melody that I made really upbeat yet funky. I was going for a drop that was a slight bit heavy, but in a smooth and jazzy way. I had a lot of growls, along with bass house synths, that I pitched up and down to create that funky/jazzy feel.

On each break of the drop, I brought the saxophone back in along with the main vocal line, just to blend both styles better.

Then, after the second build, I had the song go in half time (just to add variation), and then quickly jump back into a melody very similar to the first one.

After the second drop is my favorite part of the song to be honest. I decided to only focus on the saxophone melody, while introducing new sax parts. I then had this repeat one more time before the track official closed out.

This track really came out super funky, and I’m pumped how it matched the idea in my head of making a heavy electro track that is still jazzy in nature (along with some sax of course).

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