Viva La Entrepreneur

Viva La Entrepreneur

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I’m wicked pumped to finally release my newest album, Viva La Entreprenur! As most of my followers know, I’m a business person at heart and I follow numerous entrepreneurs closely. I personally look at my DJ/Music Producer career as a business, and my product is my music. As a result, I’ve utilized various entrepreneur’s advice to continue along my path.

This is my complication of my 5 favorite entrepreneurs: Each track was designed to reflect their personality and I’ve also featured my favorite quotes by them. Under the links below I’ve explained my mindset behind each track and how each entreprenur inspired me!

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1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary VAY – NER – CHUK is someone you’ll never forget He’s an incredible speaker and entrepreneur, and he’s known for his intense passion and brutal honesty regarding entrepreneurship and working your ass off. As a result of his intensity, I decided to produce this song with a heavy Trap/Dubstep style. The track starts off pretty tame, and then quickly jumps into a hard-hitting trap groove to mimic his aggressive work ethic. The song then builds until the drop, which is a gritty, heavy dubstep climax to represent his un-ending energy and excitement about everything he does.


2. Tim Ferriss

When I first had the concept for this album, Tim was the first entreprenur that came to mind. I originally read his book Four Hour Work Week when I was in college, and it absolutely changed my life. Tim is huge on minimalism and picking the right tasks – executing them – and being efficient while doing so. As a result of his minimalistic approach, and his love for Japanese culture, I made his track a blend of Hip Hop, Melodic Trap, and New Age. The song itself is very melodic but simple in nature, mimicking his personality and overall approach to business and life.


3. Mark Cuban

This track was a blast to make. With Mark killing the game by selling, then buying the Dallas Mavericks, and being an investor on Shark Tank, he is an incredibly energetic person. To fully represent his never ending personality, I made his track a non-stop electro house club banger. The track wastes no time and quickly jumps into an upbeat groove, then quickly builds into the drop. At the drop is an intense yet uplifting melody, which then switches to a trap syncopation. The track itself has very little low points, demonstrating his ability to constantly be hustling no matter what he does.


4. Elon Musk

Out of any track on this album, Elon’s was the most complex to make. With his diverse resume of Paypal, Space X, and mostly recently Tesla, I had to make sure that his track accurately mirrored his incredibly scientific mind. I made his track an intense but exciting future bass song, representing how he’s ahead of the future with his work and how he’s always progressing to build the next life-changing company. The progressiveness of this track is very aggressive as well, further representing his relentlessness to never give up.


5. Pasquale Rotella

Arguably one of the most powerful people in EDM, Pasquale was the perfect person to finish this album off right. I kicked off his track by having an extremely simple melody with basic sound design – representing how he started off small and simple. The track then jumps into a fast-paced Drum N Bass groove, representing how Pasquale was about to take Insomniac – one of the biggest EDM companies in the world – to be a multi-billon dollar company. This track features tons of elements of EDM, and is meant to be an uplifting celebration of his incredible growth to make and influence what EDM is today.

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