Top 5 Starbucks In The Country

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While traveling all around the country making The Light Nearby I got to see numerous sights, venues, restaurants, people, and more. Given the nature of my tour, I mostly spent my time though in Starbucks to produce and get work done. Especially now that Google provides most of the Wifi to Starbucks, it was amazing to sit and connect to high-speed internet for free.

I’ve been to numerous Starbucks all around the country but a couple really stick out in my mind. Here are my Top 5 Starbucks In The Country – all of these I’ve visited and done work at, so they’re definitely worth checking out!

5. 4365 W Irving Park Road – Chicago, IL


This was a really cool Starbucks to work at for numerous reasons. Out of any Starbucks on the list, this one had the bathrooms closest to where I did my work – making it a little safer for me to leave my stuff out for 30 seconds. In addition it’s extremely spacious inside, both with tables to sit down and a higher table to stand & work. They also have an outdoor section in the case that it’s a nice day out.

4. 1134 Brown Street – Dayton, OH


This was, by far, the comfiest Starbucks to sit in. There were numerous cushioned chairs and benches to sit at, making working that more enjoyable. They also have a front and side patio – making it extremely easy to find seating outside. This Starbucks is also extremely spacious inside, so you have nothing to worry about when going there (although there are a lot of students from The University of Dayton working there). The only issue I have is that parking behind the building is frustrating, so you’re better off parking somewhere else and walking there.

3. 400 Walnut Street – Redwood City, CA

Redwood City

This is an amazing Starbucks, located in Redwood City, which is roughly 30 minutes south of San Francisco. This Starbucks is huge on the inside and also contains a big outdoor patio. In terms of the total size, indoor and outdoor, this is the biggest Starbucks on this list. The only downfall, which was an issue, is that this one had the slowest wifi out of any Starbucks on the list (and by a longshot…). I love this Starbucks, but the insanely slow wifi was frustrating. If it wasn’t for the slow wifi, this would probably get the #1 slot.

2. 1615 N Federal Highway – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale

This is the first Starbucks, after leaving Boston, that I went to. It truly was the first beginning start to producing and working in public places, and man this was a perfect start. I almost put this as #1, but I dropped it to #2 because of how small the inside is. This isn’t really the best Starbucks for hanging out with a group and even if you’re alone it can be tough to find seating. The thing that I absolutely love about this Starbucks is that it’s by far the best one for working outside. The weather is always perfect and the patio has an overhang that covers the sun, so you don’t have to worry about sweating and your equipment overheating. In addition, they have outlets outside for your to charge your electronics – most Starbucks don’t have plugs outside, so this made working even more convenient and enjoyable.

1. 8510 SW Terwilliger Blvd – Portland, OR


And the #1 slot goes to this amazing Starbucks in Portland, OR. This Starbucks has a really creative inside design – trust me when I say it’s A LOT bigger on the inside than it looks in the top picture. I had to include 2 pictures for this Starbucks because in addition to the crazy inside it also has a beautiful outdoor patio. This is one of those Starbucks that you can always find seating – both indoors and outdoors. To make it more interesting, this Starbucks has the best bathroom out of any Starbucks in the country (I wish I took a picture of it when I was there!). The only slight downfall is that parking is a little tough at this Starbucks – but it’s 100% worth finding one to go there.

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