How To Stay Motivated

The Truth About Motivation

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It’s interesting being in my position, simply because I’m into so many different disciplines. Whether it’s DJing/Music Production, Parkour, Fitness, Body/Mind Hacking, Blogging, and more, I constantly get contacted by people in different fields asking my advice on certain topics. One question I get, across all fields, is how I’m able to get motivated and stay motivated while working – especially through difficult times.

First off, make sure you’re not using that as an excuse. As I described in my post about how I became successful, I’ve heard a lot of excuses from people, and they never lead anywhere. I’ve actually had people tell me that they’re not successful because “they don’t have as much motivation as me.”

I’m going to let you in on a huge secret. One that I’ve learned from numerous successful people – people traveling the world, making millions, and doing what they love.

The key to success isn’t “staying motivated” – it’s knowing how to work when you don’t want to.

A lot of people come to me thinking that something is wrong with them. They think that because they’re “not motivated,” they can’t work, and that makes it harder for them to achieve their dream or goal.

I want to use a very interesting example, one that really changed my entire view of success. This is an extremely random example, but it forever changed the way I look at being successful and having a strong work ethic.

When I was in college I ended working for Erik Von Markovik, aka Mystery, featured in the book The Game. At the time, he was known as the best “pick-up artist” in the world, and taught hundreds of thousands of guys relationship and attraction techniques. One popular topic was overcoming Approach Anxiety – an anxiety/fear that’s created, for evolutionary reasons, when a guy wants to approach a girl he’s interested in.

I remember at one seminar, Mystery was talking about Approach Anxiety, and one student stated intensely, “Well, it’s easy for you, you don’t get Approach Anxiety.” And he calmly responded that he gets anxiety every time he wants to talk to someone new – all the other instructors included. The main difference, he explained, was that they knew how to deal with that anxiety. The goal isn’t to get rid of it, because it’s almost evolutionarily impossible, but rather to learn how to overcome it.

Translating that to being “motivated,” the truth is I’m not motivated all the time. Yes, sometimes I wake up really excited, but other times I wake up and the last thing I feel is motivated. Regardless if I’m motivated or not, the main key is that I start hustling immediately. As Eric Thomas said, too many people let their emotions dictate their actions: When you feel like doing it, you do it – when you don’t feel like doing it, you don’t do it.

Just like going to the gym, you’re not going to have the motivation to go everyday.

The ultimate key is this: Stop chasing motivation. It’s a waste of your time, as you’re chasing an imaginary and temporary feeling. The main key, above anything, isn’t to try and be more motivated.

It’s to train yourself to work without it.

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