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The TRUE Story behind the How I Met Your Mother Bar in New York

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Like any other How I Met Your Mother fan, I was extremely excited. I was about to step foot in the official How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) bar in New York, and after watching the show for years, it was a pretty epic moment.

Unfortunately, it was a bit anti-climatic. Now Maclaren’s Pub, the bar from the show, isn’t a real bar – it’s completely fake. However, the “official” bar in real life is called McGee’s, located at 240 W 55th St in New York. Here’s my video review of it, which helps explain a lot of this post:

That was a video I made for my YouTube series The Traveling Bucket List, where I feature attractions that you have to visit before you kick the bucket.

Per the video, you can see one thing right off the bat: It looks nothing like the bar in the show. Right away I felt a bit let down.

Next, they have a bunch of pictures from the show on the walls, and a bunch of HIMYM paraphernalia. In addition, they have a drink list inspired by the show – everything from The Naked Man, to the Slutty Pumpkin, and more. However – they didn’t have the Robin Scherbatsky, which is the only mixed drink that’s talked about in the show. They instead of the Robin Sparkles, which is a completely different mixed drink.

Now I want to say something important: I liked McGee’s as a pub in general. They had great an amazing staff, good food, awesome beer selection and great vibe.

The truth is, especially for those die hard HIMYM fans, this bar will a bit of a let down. Like I said, it is a good bar, but it’s not relative to the show. It’s more of a place that has some cool references to the show, but that’s about it.

Overall, I do suggest checking it out as it’s fun to see everything on the walls and the drink menu, but it’s nothing that I would hype up if you want a true HIMYM experience. At this point in time, if you’re looking for a bar that is exactly like Maclaren’s, I would suggest watching the show and enjoying it that way.

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