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The Light Nearby Stems

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As a music producer I absolutely love hearing interesting remixes. Especially if it’s a track I really like, I love thinking of creative ways to switch it around and make my own personal remix. The only issue, however, is that breaking the track down and making a good quality remix can be difficult if you don’t have the stems (the different parts of the song).

Therefore, I decided to release the stems from The Light Nearby for free. They’re all high quality WAV files, so if you’re looking to make a remix – or you have another purpose – download away. If you do happen to make a remix, feel free to send me it, as I will 100% listen to it and promote it. Also, if you want stems that are more broken down (specific synths, etc), feel free to contact me personally.

To receive the stems for one of the tracks from The Light Nearby, or any other of my tracks, email me at

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