The Last Battle

The Last Battle

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Usually I try to have a couple blog posts between posts about tracks, but since I’ve been releasing a ton of music lately, I wanted to post my newest track. This is a hard hitting Dubstep track called The Last Battle, and I worked to make this one extremely cinematic and epic while still having the intense feel of a heavy bass track.

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Damn. So this track was probably one of my favorites to make, as I’ve always been a huge fan of Movie Scores. Especially in college when I would study, I would always listen to Movie Scores because they are really Orchestral and Cinematic, making them both relaxing yet upbeat at the same time. Movie Scores are the songs that play in the background of movies, which is a slight bit different than a Movie Soundtrack (which is usually a collection of songs that relate to the movie but aren’t made specifically for it).

For this track I wanted to combine both the feel of a Movie Score along with Dubstep and Electronic Music, making it a pretty epic and intense track all around.

I start this track off with a string melody and light percussion (some timpanis in the background), which then quickly jumps into the main groove. I have huge cinematic horns blaring on every two bars along with a very punchy snare and kick.

After that, I then add in more cinematic elements: Two different choirs (male and female), hi-hats, a slight-bit detuned piano, and more. Then it jumps into the build, adding more suspense to the track, which then builds up into some empty space – and then “fight.”

The drop is a super aggressive, in-your-face synth design with a ton of distortion and gritty melodies. I used a lot of panning with the synths as well to make them slightly bounce from left to right, making this track feel more alive and powerful.

After the drop, I then jump back into a build, which then quickly transitions into the second drop as I wanted to keep the intensity alive.

On the second drop, I had a call-and-response with the synths from the first drop and the intro strings and melodies. I wanted to blend both styles (organic instruments and synths) together, making this track more unique and interesting. The second drop then continues, jumping then into an 8 bar section similar to the intro of the track.

I then finish this track off with 4 notes from a detuned piano, almost as an ending ring.

This is a very intense and epic track, and I’m really pumped of how it came out as it blends numerous different musical styles into one.

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