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It is fucking AMAZING when I hear about people who have started to pursue what they love. It is even better when that person is a good friend of mine – this person I’m talking about is Sid Radhakrishna who started the blog The Fireside Chats.

I went to UMass Amherst with Sid where we both studied Accounting together but both had a similar passion for something more. I was able to talk to Sid about his path right now because he’s in a very interesting point in his life: He left his day job as an Accountant. I received this text from him when the decision was final:


I really wanted to write this post because I remember being confused and worried when I quit my day job. It was an interesting feeling because I felt like everyone who was “successful” was already there and I had no idea how to start on that path. I interviewed Sid to ask him about what he’s going through as he starts down the path of pursuing what he loves. He found that blogging on his site really helped him express himself and also let loose some of the feelings he had in his mind. A big post that he did that really changed his mindset was about writing your own Obituary (check it out here: Sid’s Obituary).

Sid said that he read about writing 2 different obituaries for yourself: One as your life is heading currently and one of where you pursue what you really love. He did this exercise and he said it really put things in perspective for him because, as cliche as it is, life is too short and he could always come back to Accounting but he couldn’t always pursue what he loved.

He talked about a very important point throughout his whole process: Being vulnerable. “I noticed that the most successful people I met were also the most vulnerable,” he said, “They were willing to admit when they messed up and where they went wrong.” This has also translated into his writing as he is very expressive on his blog and speaks his mind about everything from the good to the bad about his current path.

Right now Sid said his plan is to travel, pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and live life through meaningful experiences. He emphasized how having amazing experiences translates to writing great posts and that his pursuits can further fuel his passion for his blog & writing. He talked about the obvious difficulties: Being uncertain about the future after leaving, not having a steady paycheck, not succeeding in what he was pursuing, and a lot more. And those fears are inevitable. But it’s finding certainty in uncertainty that leads to success and living an amazing life. Because at the end, you want your obituary to say something meaningful:

Sid’s Obituary (Pursuing What I Love Version)

Sudhir “Sid” Radhakrishna passed away the evening of July 4, 2074 at age 83, in his sleep, survived and surrounded by his loved ones, including a beautiful, brilliant wife and his two successful adult children and their families. Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, Sid worked and lived in several countries across four continents, including Germany, Argentina, Indonesia, and Egypt. After attending UMass Amherst and obtaining a degree in Accounting, he left his corporate job to take on greater challenges. He knew there was much more to life. He traveled often, helped build and lead great companies, and published several literary masterpieces. He ran many marathons. Sid’s courage in carving his own path gave others hope and inspired them to do the same. His admirers will always remember his genuine desire to listen and understand, his boundless optimism, never-ending desire to help people, and passion to make the most of what life had to offer. Sid was a valued member of our community whose contributions will be felt for years to come. He will be dearly missed. Funeral arrangements will be held in Sid’s hometown of Boston, MA. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made out to Sid’s non-profit, which helps children around the world obtain the education they deserve.

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