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The Biggest Risk In Life

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I’m going to give everyone a heads up right now: This Post is Intense. At the same time, it’s something that I feel like everyone should read, as it’s one of the most important things anyone can consider throughout their lifetime. Similar to my How I Became Successful post, everything in here is entirely true, and I never believe in Bullshitting or embellishing any parts of my writing. What I ask is this: Read this post until the end. I wrote it in a very specific way, and you’ll see why as the post continues. (Really).

As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog and throughout my Social Media, I get contacted constantly by people all over the world, asking me about Parkour, Music Production, Entrepreneurship, Blogging/SEO, etc. The list goes on. The one factor that all of these messages contain, and I mean ALL of them, is a big underlying element – this is their dream. Whether it’s to lose weight, become a millionaire, make money blogging, achieve a better mixdown (a music production concept), market their product, or something else, the foundational meaning is there – this is what makes them feel most alive.And, numerous times in these messages, I get asked about being nervous, how I had the courage to keep going, and why I’m so ambitious.

Now, backing up a bit, I’ve been pursuing DJing/Music Production and Entrepreneurship for roughly a few years now, and I’ve gone through the most horrific experiences.

When I say horrific, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest bit.

Numerous entrepreneurs have worked way longer than I have, and after realizing that, I didn’t want to waste anytime. My goal, when starting my Electronic Music dream a few years ago, was to speed up that process as quickly as possible by any means necessary.

I did everything you can imagine.

I studied every body/mind hacking technique out there and reconfigured my body to survive on unbelievably little food. This has sometimes lead to my skin changing color completely and using extreme meditation to fight away the pain.

I restructured my sleep cycle, so I would sleep only a few hours a night and then take mini naps in the bathroom at work (it’s called Polyphasic Sleep).

I did the most random jobs you could imagine – everything from Parkour Modeling, to dressing up like a Butterfly (reallllllllly long story), to Street DJing, to drug studies, etc.

Throughout this whole experience of trying to scrounge up any money I could, and putting my body through absolute hell, I would study music production and DJing. I would optimize my performance by a combination of Meta-Learning techniques (psychological techniques to learn quicker) and Nootropics (smart drugs).

I did a lot of insane things just to get by, too many to mention on the blog – plus I don’t my friends and family to know some of the experiences I’ve been through (sometimes ignorance is bliss).

After having this crazy lifestyle, I didn’t want to waste anytime by doing the same thing everyone else is doing, so I created the The Light Nearby Project. In 2014, I toured the country for 10 months and produced a song about 10 major cities. In addition, make the project more interesting, I lived out of my car for the entire duration of the tour. The picture you see as the main photo was from a video I did explaining how I kept cool while living out of my car in Vegas.

I went through the hardest period of my life up until that journey. I can’t even describe the intense, mental depression I went through at points – not to mention the havoc I did on my body just to barely survive on little sleep and food. There were a couple points, that – without exaggeration – I actually thought I might die. I know this sounds like a crazy embellishment, because I’m naturally a very positive person, but: 1. I’m an unbelievable actor in hiding my emotions and 2. I never want to lower someones day just because I’m having a bad one.

Because of the second reason, I won’t go into more detail, but it was both an incredible and atrocious journey. And – at the same time – it worked. Since that adventure, there has been incredible things happening in my life, and the future is looking better every day.

Now, onto the main part of the post…

Most people reading this post, and most people who hear my story, usually say the same thing: That’s too intense. Why would you take that big of a risk of achieving your dreams? Why would you take the risk of putting your body and mind through everything just to became a DJ/Entrepreneur?

Here’s what it comes down to: The biggest risk you can take in life is NOT pursuing your dreams or “unrealistic” goals. It’s living a simple, average life, and then regretting that you never had the courage to pursue your dreams. Even if I didn’t make it, and I wasn’t successful, I still would say it was worth it. As Paulo Coelho said, “One day in life you’ll wake up and not be able to do the things you always wanted to do. So do them now.”

I didn’t release how true that quote was until I was traveling around on The Light Nearby. I met a guy while DJing at a place called Asiento in San Francisco, a small lounge bar. After telling him what I was doing (the traveling, music, etc), he explained that he also used to be a musician and always wanted to do what I was doing. He then paused, and told me, “…and now, I’m 38. I have kids, I have a family. And don’t get me wrong – I’m very happy and blessed with my life, but I can’t tell you how much I regret not pursuing my dream. It’s kind of a shitty feeling, but I now realize I can never do what your doing now. Enjoy it man, you’re going to become more grateful that you did this as you get older.”

Everyone who’s great, and successful, goes through hardships. The electronic musician Filibusta wrote a small post about it (it actually sparked the idea for this article):


And I couldn’t agree more with that statement. The main reason why I said everything I did in the beginning of the post is this: Although I’ve been through the worst experiences I couldn’t have previously imagined, I didn’t take any risk whatsoever. Even if I were to die right now, without ever having “made it,” I wouldn’t regret anything I did.

All the hardships that I went through have been worth it, and will continue to be worth it. The truth is, if you don’t enjoy the journey of trying to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll never reach it. For me, I didn’t biggest risk possible – I took a more rational, logical risk.

I took the smallest, most calculated risk anyone could ever take in their entire life: Waking up every day, and pursuing what you love.


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