The 10 Best Stand Up Comedians

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When touring I can easily do 12-14 hours per drive, and as you can imagine, this can get really boring. One of the best ways to pass the time while driving is listen to stand up comedy because of it’s format. Most stand up comedy routines are at least a half hour, most of them being around an hour. Listening to a few stand up routines quickly passes the time and it keeps your interest because stand up routines have minimal interaction. What I mean is that I don’t have to concentrate a lot (like an audio book) – I can just sit back, relax, and laugh my ass off while driving.

There are two different ways I listen to stand up comedy: Pandora or Pre-Downloaded. The advantage with the comedy station on Pandora is that you’re constantly getting new routines, but it drains your data and sometimes you might not be able to connect to the internet. With pre-downloaded routines you don’t waste data and it will always play despite your connection but then you’re stuck with the same routines. Nonetheless, I do a mix of both, and I’m really picky about my downloaded routines.

Therefore, here are my 10 favorite Stand Up Comedians to listen to while driving. With each I’ve listed my favorite routine by them too, so check them all out!

1. Kevin Hart

I had to start this list with Kevin Hart. The aspect about Kevin that’s wicked funny is 99% of his routines is just his life. As oppose to other comedians that talk about random topics, Kevin mostly tells insane stories from his childhood and recent occurrences with his family. My favorite routine by him is Seriously Funny which came out in 2010.

2. Demetri Martin

I’m not going to lie: Demetri Martin is going to be a hit or miss with people. Demetri has a really interesting style where he does mostly one-liner type jokes as oppose to the typical story line that most comedians do. Demetri himself is extremely intelligent which you can easily tell from his jokes. My favorite routine by him is These Are Jokes. Keep this in mind though – it’s definitely going to be a love-hate situation with him.

3. Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is one of the first comedians that really got me into Stand Up from his first Comedy Central special. He has a interesting style where he uses two voices in his routines (you have to listen to him if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The one aspect I really like about him is that all of his jokes are appropriate and he rarely swears – meaning that if you have younger people with you it won’t be an issue putting him on. My favorite routine by him is Mr. Universe which came out in 2012.

4. Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease is the man. He’s a stand-up comedian who also does motivational speaking, and the lecture he gave at Awesomeness Fest was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen (check it out here: The Power Of Being Unlimited). He tells a lot of weird jokes, so some people might not find it as funny depending on your sense of humor. Kyle was ranked #1 on Comedy Central’s Stand Up Showdown in 2009 for his unique style and amazing crowd work. My favorite album by him is One Dimple, which features a lot of jokes from that special.

5. Hannibal Buress

Out of any comedian on here I listened to Hannibal the most. He has a really dry sense of humor and he’s absolutely hilarious. It was tough for me to pick my favorite special by him, because there’s so many of them out there, but I had to go with Animal Furnace. Hannibal is different than every other comedian on here mostly because of his original delivery style and he’s someone you have to check out.

6. Billy Gardell

Billy Gardell’s special Halftime is definitely the least popular special on this list – and it shouldn’t be. He’s extremely funny and this is the special that really got him attention and blew him up (he became an Actor on the show Mike & Molly). His jokes in this special mostly focus on the difference between men & women and children. Unfortunately this is his only special that he’s done so far in his career, and it’s awesome.

7. Daniel Tosh

At this point I would assume that everyone knows who Daniel Tosh is. If you don’t, he’s the host of Tosh.0 where he shows online videos and makes fun of them (it’s a pretty funny show). As a warning, he’s a bit offensive (nothing compared to the next comedian however), so his type of humor won’t be for everyone. I will say this though: It’s extremely well thought out and clever, which is why I like him so much. My favorite album by him is Happy Thoughts, although his other album True Stories I Made Up is just as funny.

8. Anthony Jeselnik

Okay, huge warning with Anthony Jeselnik: He is extremely offensive. He prides himself on being the most offensive comedian out there and making jokes about things that shouldn’t be joked about. If you’re the type of person that’s offended easily I would suggest not listening to him. That doesn’t take away from performance though, because his delivery is absolutely flawless and he’s an expert on pacing his jokes in the right way. He’s similar to Demetri where he mostly tells one-liner jokes, so he’s definitely going to be a HUGE hit or miss with people. Nonetheless, Shakespeare is one of my favorite albums on this list, so check it out if it’s your style.

9. Louis CK

No comedian list would be complete without Louis C.K. He’s absolutely hilarious (hence this album name!) and every one of his specials will have you dying laughing.  All of his specials are really him just making fun of himself and his life (similar to Kevin Hart). He’s been doing stand up comedy for a while now and it definitely shows with his special Hilarious. He was my second most listened to comedian because of how well his material flowed and how funny it was.

10. Gabriel Iglesias

Last but not least, none other than Gabriel Iglesias. He’s the epitome of a fat guy that’s wicked funny and he makes a ton of jokes about his weight and what it’s like to be fat. While a lot of comedians talk about more “grown up” problems (marriage, getting a job, responsibilities, etc) Gabriel talks about lighter topics. He’s also extremely good at doing impressions and sound effects with just his voice, which add to his routine. His special Fluffy is wicked good and will have you laughing like crazy.


  1. J1 - January 31, 2015 2:16 pm

    Kevin Hart? Really? Check out Bill Burr or Patrice o Neal

    • Marc Freccero - January 31, 2015 2:30 pm

      Whatttt Kevin Hart is awesome – and both of those guys are wicked funny too, I just didn’t listen to them as much as the people on this list

    • WalkerB - January 21, 2017 7:16 am

      Bill Burr is awesome


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