Teez (طيز)

Teez (طيز)

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When it comes to producing music, I love producing tons of different styles. Teez, or as it’s written in Arabic, طيز, is a trap/hip hop track with jazz and Arabic influences. This track really blended Egyptian vibes along with a heavy bass line and my favorite instrument – the saxophone.

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Song Explanation

What I really love about these Song Explanation sections is that I’m able to talk about things that you wouldn’t normally know from just hearing the track. It’s crazy what kind of events happening when producing a track, and this is one of those cases.

This track originally started as my anthem for the 4th of July (Independence Day), and after working with it for a bit, I realized – this is not American in the slightest bit haha. So I decided to save it as a different track, and continue the direction it was going down (side note: Click here to listen to my anthem for the 4th of July).

Anyway, I started this track off with a strong trap synth, immediately setting the tone of the rest of the track. It then jumps into the first verse, where I use a lot of percussive and orchestral elements to create suspense and energy.

After the build, I then jump into the first drop of the track. Like I said above, it’s meant to be an Arabic Trap track, hence the saxophone performing an Egyptian-style melody.

Then, on the last part of the first drop, I bring back in the synth from the beginning, which allows me to transfer into the build smoothly, which then quickly builds into the second drop.

For the second drop, I felt it was a lot more Arabic sounding, as I really wanted to bring out that melody structure and emphasize it in both drops. The song then continues out, bringing the beginning synth back in once again.

This track is a lot more diverse than other songs I’ve made, but it still features my usual jazz influences along with a nice bass line.

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