My Technique For Never Running Out Of Blog Content

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They key to never running out of content is spacing out your ideas and organizing them in the right way. My technique for doing so is having a blog post calendar – you’ll be surprised how well this can help you. The idea, as it sounds, is to have a posting schedule so that you’re more on point with your content and not constantly worrying what to talk about. Having this strategy & organization can greatly increase your output and therefore increase your overall revenue on your site. Here is my 3 step process:

1. Have an ongoing list of topics

A huge problem I see with people making content is that they wait until they sit down to think of content. I have an ongoing list, at all times, of topics that I could write about. I stress ongoing because I’m adding to this list everyday. When I’m walking around or doing activities I’ll think of a good idea and put a note of it in my phone, and then I’ll write it down when I get to my topic list. This list is constantly evolving and changing so no matter what I always have topics to create content. The key is to write broad enough topics where you can create a lot of posts from but NOT specific enough where it’s only small enough for one post.


2. From the list of topics create specific blog post ideas/titles

The next step is making a ton of specific blog post ideas or titles of posts. The key is NOT to write the post but just to put what the title would be. Sometimes when I’m moving about my day I’ll think of a specific idea for a blog post and not a general topic, and that’s okay. I have 2 separate lists at all times, one of topics and one of blog titles, so no matter what I always have a place to put an idea. But for the most part I’ll sit down sometimes and think of ideas, based off my topics, of what I could write about them.


3. Map out a posting schedule with the blog titles

This is the last step. After you have a bunch of topics, and posting titles off those topics, I then will map out a posting schedule for each upcoming month. Keep in mind this does NOT mean you have to stick to it. Sometimes there are current events or stories that happen that should be posted sooner rather than later. The main idea of the posting calendar is that your time is not spent thinking “What should I write about?” but instead spent writing. By blocking off your time for each of these separate activities you’re maximizing your output and time efficiency. In my opinion I think you SHOULD NOT use the same time period for idea creation AND writing.



Here is a random example regarding CraigsList (I was just on that site so I figured why not talk about it!) – CraigsList is now my topic. The next step is to make blog post ideas/titles – and every topic is different. For the sake of an example I’ll make 5 blog titles based off the topic of CraigsList:

1. Selling items on CraigsList

2. Finding Jobs on CraigsList

3. Buying items/using the Free section on CraigsList

4. Negotiation techniques (related to bargaining with people on CraigsList)

5. Hiring people through the gigs section on CraigsList

Now at this point I will take those blog titles and write them on certain dates. In the beginning of every month I’ll plan out all my posts for that month – it takes me usually around a half hour.

The best part about this schedule is now I don’t have to think of what to write about – I just have to focus on writing good quality posts based off my pre-picked ideas. In addition, throughout the month I’ll write topic & title ideas to build my posting library for the following month. It’s a way more efficient technique to create better content and stronger posts.

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