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Here is my newest single, #TeamNoSleep. Since I’ve been producing so much lately I wanted to make a variety of different tracks from different sub-genres in EDM. This one came out as an electro house/big room club banger with catchy vocals and a pumping bass.

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Because I designed this track to be an upbeat, club banger, I started the track off with a drum and percussion groove immediately (rather than build up to it). In addition, I had the vocals “Turn Me Turn Me Up” start right from the get-go, just so it grabs your attention immediately.

Then, after the intro, I have the main vocals kick in, here are the Lyrics:

We don’t need no sleep because the party don’t stop

So put your hands on me and turn me on, turn me up

After that repeats a couple times, I then have the build of the track, and right before the drop I just have an upbeat “Lets Go!”

For this track I decided to make the drop a blend of Melbourne Bounce, Big Room and Electro House, fueling the styles into one energetic drop. The main drop lead is actually a voice that’s modulated and pitched up and down, adding a lot of variation to the drop.

Next, on the 3rd part of the drop, I half-time the percussion and drums section to make a trap-like melody to finish off the first drop.

For this song, I decided that I wanted to repeat the first verse with the same lyrics, but instead, add a melody line in the background just to add some variation (I also like this for when I’m mixing it live).

Then, upon the drop, I initially jump into the half-time melody, switching it up a bit and bringing back elements from the 3rd part of the first drop.

The drop then continues with the principal theme, and then closes out with an outro similar to the intro.

I love a lot of different styles of EDM, and I haven’t produced a song like this in a while, so I figured why not make a club banger for fun – enjoy!

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