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Hey Assbutt! Here’s my Supernatural EP, all about the TV Show. This is a 4-track album where I take the ambience and vibe from the show and put it in musical form. It’s a blend of Electro, House and Bass with a really Dark and Electronic twist. Especially with the show being Horror/Sci-Fi, I included a lot of interesting elements to make the songs more in-your-face and unique.

Without question, this is definitely the darkest album I made yet, so get ready for a unique EP from start to finish!

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1. Supernatural

Kicking the album off, I wanted to produce a song that relates to the show overall. This track ended up coming out as a Dark House track, blending a lot of various elements together. Since this was the first song, I wanted to make it creepy and scary while also using different styles to make it come to life. There were a lot of interesting production techniques I used to create a frightening ambience, while still making the drops hard-hitting and intense. While the rest of the songs represent the characters in musical form, this track really went for the big picture.


2. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki)

With Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki) being the younger brother in the show, I went for a Dark Electro feel as he’s the smarter and more technical brother. I used a few different computer-ish sounding effects to really give it a strong electronic feel, which I then blended with hard-hitting electro. Although Sam isn’t as intense as Dean, he still has a lot of aggressive scenes in the show, which is why I had a strong electro house section in the drops/choruses.


3. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)

Compared to the other characters on the show, I feel like Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles) has one of the most complex personalities. He’s very sentimental to Sam and his family, while still being extremely intense and aggressive. As a result, I decided to have strong orchestral/emotional parts while also having heavy Dubstep parts, demonstrating the duality of his character. Without question, this is the most vigorous track on the album.


4. Castiel (Misha Collins)

As oppose to Sam and Dean, who are human, Castiel (played by Misha Collins) is the main angel on the show. To create a “heavenly” feel for his track, I used organs and choirs to generate the proper gospel effect. Since Castiel is a rebel in the show, I still wanted this track to be hard-hitting but not too intense, so I went for a heavy Dark Trap vibe blending the choir vocals with a strong bass.

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