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I’ve Street DJ’ed numerous times and it’s an extremely fun way to make some side income while practicing in front of people & getting your name out there. I’ve seen videos/pictures of people bringing huge generators around with a full set-up but because of my limited space I don’t have room – not to mention that’s a hassle regardless. Here are items I use to Street DJ – with each item I explain why I use it. The best part about this set-up is that the only battery powered devices are your laptop and portable speaker. Feel free to experiment to make you own set up!

1. MacBook Pro

Having a computer is absolutely necessary for Street DJing to have all your music right there. Whether you use a MacBook Proor a Windows PC, just make sure you have a good battery life.

2. Computer Backpack

Any backpack will work but I usually try to find one specialized in holding a computer just to make sure everything is padded and safe.

3. Kontrol X1 MK2

The X1 MK2 is the small board I use to do all my mixing. I created a YouTube video tutorial with a free download for my mixer mapping – the exact mapping I use to DJ anywhere (check the video out here: Kontrol X1 MK2 Mixer Mapping). If you have the X1 MK1 that works too, you’ll just have to map it as a mixer. Another great MIDI controller is the Xone K2 – it is completely mappable for using 4 decks and is roughly the size of the X1 MK2. The best part about all the controllers I mentioned is that they all are powered via USB from your computer (hence why I said to make sure you have a good battery life!).

4. Cube Street

Man I love the Cube Street. It can last up to 15 HOURS on 6 AA batteries (make sure you buy rechargeable ones – see below). Not only that but it is LOUD and extremely light. It’s really surprising how powerful this thing is for being so small – usually on a street I just have to turn it up a third of the way and the volume is loud enough. You can use any portable speaker obviously but I haven’t seen anything that compares to the Cube Street.

5. 1/8″ to 1/4″ Cable

This is just so I can hook up my computer to the Cube Street. If you have a different portable speaker or audio set-up this may not be necessary but if you want to use the 1/4″ input on a speaker you need this cable.

6. Rechargeable Batteries

These are not absolutely necessary but they’ll save you a ton of money in the long run. I personally have 8 AA rechargeable batteries that I use numerous devices and I’ve had them for years now with no problems. If you want to do some research on different types of Rechargeable Batteries, check out my post on my Buck Living blog here: Save Money With Rechargeable Batteries.

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