Stoop Kid

Stoop Kid

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One of the most iconic 90s cartoon episodes is of Hey Arnold when “Stoop Kid is gonna leave his stoop.” As a result, I decided to make a track about Stood Kid, blending funk, blues, jazz, and Moombahton all into one track. The result is a catchy electronic track that features scatting along with a unique harmonica melody, creating the perfect ambience for Stoop Kid leaving his stoop.

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Song Explanation

The idea for this melody actually came about when I heard one of my friends playing the harmonica. I was wondering – why hasn’t a harmonica been used in electronic music yet? I’ve heard a harmonica in tracks as a quick sample, but never as the main instrument in the track.

Therefore, there wasn’t a more perfect combo than having a harmonica be the main instrument for this track about Stoop Kid.

I started the track off with some scatting, setting the funk/blues vibe immediately. Then, I have a harmonica sample jump in, doing some vibratos in the background while the scatting is mainly in the front of your attention.

Upon the build, I start blending both the scatting and harmonica samples, letting the harmonica come to the front of the track. After a very jazzy vocal sample, the drop begins.

On the drop, I have a really upbeat and jazzy harmonica sample playing. I also combine this with some Moombahton percussion and bass, blending a few different styles into one. As the drop progresses, I bring back the scatting from the beginning, combining everything together.

Next, after a very quick build, I then jump right into the second drop to keep the energy high and not have a dull moment in the track. The track then continues, blending all the elements together, and then finally leading into the outro to finish everything out.

For this track I really pictured the idea of Stoop Kid sitting on the stoop, jamming out with his harmonica, and getting ready to leave the stoop.

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