Snapchat Hot Dog

SnapChat Hot Dog

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Ahhh the legendary SnapChat Hot Dog filter. Now in case you don’t know, SnapChat is a smartphone app that allows you to post pictures for a temporary period of time. In addition, there are filters, which either affect your face or your surroundings…in this case, with the Hot Dog filter, a dancing Hot Dog will appear anywhere in your environment (I’m not making this up).

As a result of how ridiculous it is, I decided to make a fun Bass House track all about the Hot Dog. Not only can you listen to the track below, but I also decided to make a Music Video for the track too (might as well watch the video first if you haven’t heard the track yet), all about the adventures of the Hot Dog. The video and track are just as goofy as the Hot Dog filter, so hit play and enjoy!

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Song Explanation

Now this track was meant to be a blend of Bass House along with some jazzy/funky/goofy elements, and it came out exactly as that. So I started it off with a Bass House percussion groove, where I then bring in some of the sound design and vocals for this track.

Upon the first verse, I mainly transition back and forth between the sounds that I designed for this song, as I wanted people to be prepared for the drop and what I was planning on doing. For this track I really worked on the sound design a lot, making some really interesting and funky sounds within Serum to make it more unique and interesting.

On the drop, I combined all those interesting sounds that I worked on, along with some Bluesy vocals and catchy percussion elements. I wanted it to be a weird song that might get stuck in your head, which is hard to do for most electronic tracks.

As the song progresses, I jump into another quick build, which then transitions into the second drop where I introduce more interesting sound design and funky elements.

This track came out just as goofy/ridiculous as the Hot Dog filter, so the main mission was accomplished.

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