SNAILS & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night (Freccero Remix)

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Fair warning…this remix hits extremely hard. This is definitely one of my heaviest releases yet, as I really wanted to make this track a banger because I’ve been a huge fan of both SNAILS and Pegboard Nerds for sometime. This remix came out as a blend of Dubstep and Bass House with some cinematic elements, and is wicked aggressive. Check it out below!

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Song Explanation

Now for this remix I wanted it to be unique right off the bat, as oppose to the typical Bootleg style where you have the verses be the same (except with some of your own percussion) and having different drops. Therefore, I started this track off with a very cinematic string melody, creating tension immediately from the beginning.

I then have the bass fade in, which then immediately leads into the first verse. Using a lot of intense elements, I build a lot of suspense, then I bring it to the build which ultimately leads up into “Killa in the Night” (the vocals from the original track).

On the drop, I blend some Dubstep elements and sound design with some samples from the original track, and I do this all at a 130bpm speed (usually the speed of house songs). I feel like most “Bass House” tracks are usually very housey, and for this remix, I really wanted to have a more “Housestep” feel – heavy Dubstep elements with a four on the floor percussion pattern.

After the first drop it leads into the second build, where I use a lot of samples from the original track to build it up again. This helps the listener know that the second drop is going to have more elements from the original track, as oppose to going a different direction (like the first drop).

On the second drop, which is a lot more intense than the first, I do a lot of weird production effects with the samples from the original track, making some really interesting and unique sounds.

After the second heavy drop, the song then fades out as I bring back some cinematic elements from the beginning.

The song is pretty short (only 2:44), but it’s wicked intense and very aggressive, making it an in-your-face banger from start to finish.

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