Sleep ANYWHERE with the TRTL Pillow

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Wow…I’m so happy that a product like this was finally developed. I’ve talked a ton about taking the perfect Power Nap and a big question I received is how you can take one while sitting. If you’re in the office, or on an airplane, it’s not as easy to take a Power Nap than if you’re in the comfort of your own home with a nice bed. Luckily, the company TRTL (pronounced Turtle) changed all this.

TRTL created the first ever travel pillow. It’s a combination between a neck brace and a scarf. It took them over 90 prototypes to get the perfect look and feel, and they definitely succeed with the final result. Here’s how it looks when it’s completely laid out:

TRTL Napscarf

It’s very intuitive and easy to use, and the process is simple: Put the Pillow on your neck, wrap the fleece around the remainder of your neck, and then velcro it in. It takes 10 seconds to do and then you can start sleeping immediately. In addition, you can move the Pillow to either the front of your neck or the side – allowing you to switch the position of how your sleeping in a second (pretty cool).

The way it works is the “brace” part of the scarf is a bendy material that applies just enough pressure to keep your neck sturdy while not being too hard that’s uncomfortable. It’s definitely one of those products that you have to try for yourself, and I absolutely love it so far. It’s also extremely portable, making it easy to carry around when traveling.

I can’t suggest it enough, check it out here: TRTL Pillow. In addition, here’s a video review I made if you want to see how it works in action:

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