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There have been soooooooo many tracks that I’ve been producing and haven’t released yet – that’s definitely the life of a producer though haha. This track, Shake, I finished a while ago and realized I never actually released it (you’ll be surprised how much this happens). It’s pretty awesome that before I released this track I sent it to Holly, one of my favorite Moombahton producers, and he really liked it. It’s a blend of Trap and Moombahton, and this one definitely hits hard.

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Song Explanation

Like I said briefly above, this track definitely hits pretty hard and is a very “in your face” type production. I start this track off with some vocal splicing along with some interesting percussion, just to set the tone immediately.

I then evolve the vocal splicing and start adding a lot more elements, as I want to create suspense right away. On this track I really focused on making the drops a lot more intense and interesting, as oppose to adding more elements into the verses and intro/outro sections.

The track builds up until the vocals come in saying “Gotta make that gotta make that gotta make that Booty Shake.”

On the drop, I blended a Moombahton bass/kick drum with a Jungle-like pattern. I added a ton of Moombah/World Music elements to really make this pop, and then I blended that all with the sound design.

The main sound of this track took a while to make, and involved a ton of different LFO modulation with all the elements in the sound. It created that “screech” type noise, which can be harsh at points, but the harshness helps bring out a lot of energy.

As the track progresses, I add in a few guitar samples to blend the full World Music and Hip Hop vibes together.

I really like how all these elements blended well together, so even on the second drop I kept things very similar to the first, just variating a ton of different modulations within that main synth sound.

Everything combined really made this track energetic, making it perfect for a life performance or any other situation where you really need a huge pump up.

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