Rubber Bands and Crab Traps

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There’s a story about this special type of crab that’s agile and fast enough to get out of any type of trap. Yet these crabs are caught everyday by the thousands thanks to a particular human trait they possess.

The trap is a wire cage with a hole at the top. Bait is placed into the cage and the cage is lowered into the water.

One crab comes along, enters the cage and begins eating the bait. A second crab joins him. Followed by a third and forth. Then the cage is full. Eventually all the bait is gone.

The crabs could easily climb up the sides of the cage and through the hole but they do not. They stay in the cage.

Others crabs come along and join them long after the bait is gone.Should one of these crabs realize there is no further reason to stay in the trap and attempts to leave, the other crabs will gang up on it and stop it.

They will repeatedly pull him off of the side of the cage. If he persists, the other crabs will tear off his claws to keep him from climbing. If he persists still, they will kill him. 

The crabs, by force of majority, stay together in the cage. The cage is hauled up and lunch is served.

The chief difference between crabs and humans is that crabs live in WATER and humans on LAND.

Anyone who has a dream, one that might get them out of what they perceive to be a trap, had best beware of the fellow inhabitants of that trap.

The humans don’t generally use physical force but they find other ways to bring you down such as innuendoes, doubt, ridicule, mockery, sarcasm, scorn, sneering, belittlement, humiliation, taunting and teasing, and dozens of other tactics the crabs around you will use to pull of your claws and kill your dreams.

Be aware of the crabs around you content with staying in the trap.

You make them look bad. You are a giant exposing mirror to them. Your actions are being reflected back to them. They know they should be doing what you’re doing but they’re afraid.

It’s easier for them to make fun of you, trying to convince you that what you’re doing is dumb in hopes that you will give up and come back to the trap so they no longer have to look at you and feel bad about themselves.

Love them anyways, but don’t let them drag you back into the pack of mediocrity.

One technique to not fall in that trap is the Rubber Band Challenge. Coined by Tim Ferriss, author of Four Hour Work Week, the idea is to wear a rubber band around your wrist for 30 days. Anytime you think of a negative thought you have to snap the rubber band – this trains you to think positively and shift where you focus your mental attention. After doing it I permanently have a rubber band on my wrist now to really train me to think even more positively than before.

I did a video describing the Rubber Band Challenge more in-depth, check it out here:

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