The Road to LA: Four Glasses of Wine (At Least!)

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Okay. Wow. So far, on my trip to LA, things have been extremely eventful (to say the least). Right now I’m in a Starbucks in Denver, CO as I’m picking up my friends from the airport in a few hours. I initially left for LA a week from today, but it feels a lot longer than that – simply because so much has been going on.

Continuing from where I left off on the previous post, I visited my family last week and hung out with them for one last night. The next day I left to head to Dayton, Ohio – it took roughly 12 hours to get there (not too bad). I met up with my friend Evan who lived there – I stayed with him when I was traveling around for The Light Nearby and produced the song Day Drink for Columbus, Ohio.

Right when I got there, we ended up going out to Bar Louie and hanging out with a bunch of friends. The next day, we went to Jimmy Johns, because they had this insane deal where every sandwich was only $1 between the hours of 11am and 2pm (hell yeah). The line was out the door when we got there, but the wait was well worth it – it was my first time ever having Jimmy Johns, and it lived up to the hype.

That night we ended up going out to another set of bars, and I was definitely pretty dressed up:

Shirt Suit

The next day, after a quick stay, I left and went to Urbana, IL to visit my friend Brittany. I’ve talked about her a few times on this blog already, as she’s always been a good friend of mine and was in the World’s Most Comfortable Handshake video. We started the night off pregaming with her friends and beginning with tequila sunrises – which, in hindsight, were a bit too strong.


We ended up going on a bar crawl with all medical students, bouncing all around Urbana and Champaign. I ended up having too much tequila and beer – not to mention most of the beer I had was at least 9%, and I’m definitely not a beer drinker.

Anyway, it was pretty eventful night, as I talked with a bunch of medical students about neurology, helped a girl create a tinder account, took an extremely strange shot of some green alcohol, and a lot more.

The next day we got ready for a Jewish party, which I’ve never been to. Dead serious – Jewish people rage hard. I’m not joking.

So we get to the party, and it’s for Passover, but they welcome non-Jewish people to celebrate and appreciate the culture and ceremony. The main picture for this blog post is the entire group of people I was with. Right when we got there, I noticed they had an exceptionally large amount of wine bottles – which didn’t make sense until later on.

We all sat down at a huge table, and at the table were packets of paper explaining the ceremony in full. Here’s what the cover looked like, and it was pretty convenient having everything explained in detail so we knew exactly what to do:


Now I know the picture is a bit blurry, but right in the first paragraph it stated that we have to enjoy Four Glasses of Wine (At Least!). We took turns reading paragraphs and going forward with the ceremony, and every 5 minutes or so we had to finish an entire glass of wine. It was also explained that it’s Jewish custom to fill your wine glass to the brim, making it even more interesting.

We ended up finishing around 20 bottles of wine in less than an hour – it was pretty crazy. In addition, the ceremony was actually really exciting. I tried food I’ve never even heard of and learned things about the Jewish culture and how they gave thanks to various religious figures for Passover.

Huge shoutout to Hannah for having all of us over and being very hospitable – that was pretty awesome.

Also, while at the party, I happened to meet a girl who had the exact same birthday as me. It turns out she loves the date September 20 (9/20), and she was also born in 1989. Extremely random but awesome at the same time.

That night we all went out and first went to a bar called Brothers, that had indoor cornhole and was shaped like a high school gymnasium. Here’s how it looked when we initially got there (it got a lot more packed as the night went on).

After an awesome night, Brittany and I woke up and did a ton of work all day. I finished up a few tracks that I haven’t released yet (woo!) and worked more on some side projects – more on those later.

Then, after a quick bodyweight planche workout, we relaxed and watched The Interview – honestly, that movie was horrible haha. Not a fan at all, although all the political drama around it was understandable.

Anyway, the next day I got everything ready and set off for Denver, where I am now. It was an interesting adventure getting here, which I’ll have to explain in the next post. The journey continues!

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