Record to the Decks

Record to the Decks

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In case you didn’t know, before I started DJing and Producing, I did a lot of Breakdancing/Bboying. The main genre of Breakdance music is called Break beat, and I’ve always loved the genre as it’s super funky and upbeat.

As a result, I wanted to revisit the old school style of break beat music and blend it with the new school future house music, fusing the two into one. This track, Record to the Decks, is a blend of those genres, fusing both into one energetic and pumping track.

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Song Explanation

To kick this song off right, I used a sample that says DJ Scratch the Record to the Decks, S-S-Scratch the Record to the Decks. Along with that, I have some break beat style percussion, starting this track off with an upbeat vibe.

As the intro progresses, I then introduce some vocal splicing – a huge staple in Future House music. After the intro I jump into the build, where I increase the intensity and build suspense on both the break beat elements and future house elements.

On the drop, I have the vocal splicing be at the forefront, having a future house bass line go along with it. After the first part of the drop, I then bring back in all the break beat elements, from the percussion to the vocal sample at the beginning.

I then jump into another a build where I introduce a new vocal element, which then builds up until a funky sample introduces the second drop.

On the second drop I had a similar vocal splicing melody as before, however, I add in a more funky/groovy future bass line, blending more elements together.

The drop then progresses, and eventually goes into outro where I bring back the full sample from the beginning.

Overall, I love how funky this track came out, as the blend of old school and new school creates a super energetic vibe.

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