Rebota el Culo

Rebota el Culo

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I’ve been producing like crazy lately, as I’ve had a really good flow with creative ideas for tracks. Here is my newest release, Rebota el Culo. It’s a very energetic Moombahton track with Reggaeton elements.

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If you’ve been following and listening to my music for some time, you know that my favorite sub-genre within EDM is Moombahton. It blends the percussive elements of Reggaeton with the synths and production style of electronic music.

Usually, most of the songs that I produce within Moombahton are very House-like, but this one takes a bit of a different direction.

I start off this track with a Trap-like vocal lead, jumping into a melody immediately. Then, after the build, I have the vocals “Get it girl just bounce that booty” – hence the name of the track (Rebota el Culo means Bounce that Booty in Spanish).

At the drop, I have a very Reggaeton like percussive groove along with a very Latin-inspired melody lead. The main Marimba-like lead isn’t completely on time, allowing the track to swing a slight bit so everything isn’t 100% perfectly timed.

Then, after another brief build, I jump into the second drop which is a bit less chaotic than the first. It’s very Trap-like, as I pitch bend the main lead instrument tremendously, creating an up-and-down feeling with the melody.

Lastly, the song then goes into the bridge, brining back that Trap-like vocal from various parts of the track.

This was a pretty fun track to make, and I made it significantly quicker than most tracks I produce. Especially with a track like this, I made it with the intention of being performed live, as each drop is similar yet different depending on which crowd I’m DJing for.

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