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Quick, Healthy, and Portable Meals from Garden of Life

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That’s exactly the first thought I had when I first tried Garden of Life’s Raw Meal Replacements. As most of my followers know, I’m constantly traveling around and bouncing between different areas. When traveling around, eating – and eating healthy – gets a lot more tricky, not to mention costly.

This is where Garden of Life’s Raw Meal Replacements work wonders. One serving of their product provides you with everything you need for one meal, being packed with tons of vitamins and minerals in just one scoop.

Per the picture, here were the main 4 products I got to try out when I was connected with Garden of Life:

1. Raw Meal Energy

2. Raw Meal (Vanilla Flavor)

3. Raw Meal (Vanilla Spiced Chai)

4. Organic Plant Protein

The main products that I really loved were the Raw Meals – although the Organic Plant Protein is extremely good for you as well.

In addition to having tons of vitamins and minerals, the Raw Meals are also wicked portable and all you need to do is add water. For the 3 flavors I listed above, each one is roughly $30 and contains roughly 30 servings, which comes out to just a dollar a serving. Not only is it extremely cost efficient, but you’re getting everything your body needs.

When I’ve mentioned the Raw Meals to people, a big question I get is: How does it compare to Soylent?

Last year when I was traveling around making The Light Nearby, I tried out Soylent, which is basically powered food that you can fully live on. As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to drinking Soylent, and this is where Garden of Life really comes in.

What I really love about Garden of Life is that it’s a meal replacement, and it’s not meant to completely remove food from your diet. The hard part about Soylent is that if I just wanted to have a quick snack or meal, Soylent would be too intense and fill me up quick. With the Raw Meals, however, it fills me up without making me feel too sluggish. In addition, Soylent is roughly $3/meal, and Garden of Life is only a third of the cost.

Especially with the Raw Meal Energy, you get a full meal replacement and tons of B Vitamins and caffeine to wake you up. To make it even better, the main energy ingredient is from Guayaki, which I’ve mentioned before on this blog because they make incredible Yerba Mate.

Here’s the nutritional facts and ingredient list for Raw Meal Energy:

Raw Meal Energy

Garden of Life is definitely my #1 choice now for Meal Replacements/Portable Meals, simply because it’s only a dollar a meal and it contains the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals.

Like I mentioned above, here’s my favorite 3 products that they have, with the Energy one being my absolute favorite:

1. Raw Meal Energy

2. Raw Meal (Vanilla Spiced Chai)

3. Raw Meal (Vanilla Flavor)

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