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My Portable Music Production Set-Up

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I’m constantly traveling around for shows, events, and more, and being able to produce music on the go is crucial. My music production set-up is extremely simple and yet allows me to get high quality sound regardless of where I am – plus it takes up barely any room! Although you should always listen to your tracks on a big system before releasing them, this set-up can get you pretty close to being releasable.

1. Macbook

Although you’re probably all set with your computer, I would suggest a Macbook if you’re planning to get one. They’re extremely reliable and run programs smoothly, which is important if you’re either producing or performing.


2. Mouse Pad & Wireless Mouse

This comes down to personal preference, but I hate producing with the trackpad on a Mac. Some producers love it, others don’t. As a result, I constantly carry around a mousepad and wireless mouse – you can easily get one for $10 on Amazon.


3. ATH-M50X

Although it’s common sense to produce with headphones when traveling I wanted to specifically talk about the M50X headphones. These have constantly been ranked as the best production headphones you can buy, as they deliver the most bang for your buck. Equipboard did an entire review of Reddit, searching through all the forums about headphones, and it was concluded that the M50X were – by a longshot – the most recommended headphones.


4. Focusrite Scarlett Solo Compact

Lastly on the list is the Scarlett Solo Compact. Even if you have everything on this list, you still need a way to connect your headphones to your computer, and the 1/8″ headphone jack doesn’t provide the best quality. Those inputs, even on a Mac, quickly die out and lose quality. The main way to overcome this obstacle is have an interface, which connects your headphones to computer via USB.


That’s basically it! The most important aspects in terms of your mobile setup is having good quality headphones and an interface, as those are the main component of any music production set-up.

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