Pallet Town

Pokémon – Pallet Town (Freccero Remix)

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Without question, the Pallet Town song is the most nostalgic video game track for me. It’s the first song you hear when you start playing in the original Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, making it unforgettable. I wanted to put a unique Future Bass spin on the original, blending a chill nostalgic feel with an uplifting production.

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Song Explanation

To start this track off right, I decided to play the original Pallet Town melody. What’s funny, is that I was testing around a lot of different analog synths, but actually decided to use the original preset from Massive. I literally just hit “New Preset” and kept that sound exactly (with some light EQing).

I use white noise and a closed hat to slowly ramp up the energy, which then jumps into the first verse. On the first part, I wanted a very chill and meditative feel, really setting the mood right away. Considering the song itself is pretty relaxing, I wanted that to be the first vibe.

The track then builds, resulting in an uplifting future bass drop. I use a few different pads compressed together and adjusted the gain to create that bouncy feel that’s common in a lot of future bass tracks. With all this going on, I have the lead be a vocal sample that I spliced up, and embellished a bit to add to the vibe.

After the first drop, I really take the energy down in the second verse, to really bring back vibes from the initial verse. I switch up the melody a bit, just to add some variation, along with some unique sweeps and reverb tails.

The track then inevitably builds again into the second drop, which I made the exact same as the first except with more percussive elements and effects. Since there’s a lot going on, I didn’t want to add another synth/melody (or else it might be overwhelming).

Next, it smoothly transfers into the outro, where I keep a few of the pads and have them play the main chord progression. I then slow the bpm of the entire track down, which helps close it out.

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