Pechs, The Wallet, and Bootlegs

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Right now I’m watching Shark Tank – which is my favorite show to do work to – and I wanted to do a re-cap post of what’s going on right now. Since I’m watching Shark Tank, I definitely want to mention a couple unique ideas I’ve run into.

To start, I want to mention my friends site and concept, Pech Photography. The idea behind Pech Photography is having unique perspective shots involving miniature figures with large, everyday objects. If you’re ever in the Boston area, I would highly suggest checking out the events on their website to see all of the creative shots they have.

All of their photos are really unique and thought provoking – here’s an example photo:

Pech Photography

Continuing along with Entrepreneurial endeavors, I recently went to American Bench Craft in Reading (30 minutes north of Boston) to check out their wallets. They’ve been blowing up in the wallet and leather industry, so when I realized they had a new office so close to Boston, I definitely wanted to check it out. They ended up making me a custom, gold lettered wallet that came out pretty awesome – check it out:

American Bench Craft

Switching up gears a bit, I recently had a huge issue with my Soundcloud account. As a result, I had to get a whole new account and re-upload all my music – if haven’t yet, follow me here at my new Soundcloud account: Freccero Soundcloud. Although I had some issues with my Soundcloud, I recently just got 100K+ views on my YouTube channel! If you haven’t yet, check it out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: Marc Freccero YouTube.

Also, I decided to release my Light Nearby album completely for free on Soundcloud. If you go to my page, you can easily click download on any of my tracks and get it completely for free!

Contuing along with music, I’ve been working a ton of both EPs that I’ve been mentioning in addition to numerous Bootlegs and Remixes. I recently released a Moombahton (Moombah-Hop) Bootleg of I Know The Truth by Pretty Lights. Check it out here:

I’ve also been working on a Bootleg of Pump This by Snails and Herobust. It’s coming out pretty interesting, here’s a mini 15 second preview:

There’s a ton of big things coming up, so after this short post, I’ll finish off with a great quote by Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank: “You can always go down the road if you’re willing to make the journey. It just might be a little longer.”

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