Street DJ

Street DJing

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I’ve Street DJ’ed numerous times and it’s an extremely fun way to make some side income while practicing in front of people & getting your name out there. I’ve seen videos/pictures of people bringing huge generators around with a full set-up but because of my limited space I don’t have room[…]

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Best Remixes

35 Incredible Remixes

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Here is a list of my favorite remixes of both electronic and non-electronic tracks. All of these remixes range from numerous sub-genres in EDM, which I’ve listed next to the song name. Someone of these remixes are well known while others are more underground – either way these are all[…]

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Sid Radhakrishna

The Fireside Chats

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It is fucking AMAZING when I hear about people who have started to pursue what they love. It is even better when that person is a good friend of mine – this person I’m talking about is Sid Radhakrishna who started the blog The Fireside Chats. I went to UMass[…]

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