Rubber Bands and Crab Traps

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There’s a story about this special type of crab that’s agile and fast enough to get out of any type of trap. Yet these crabs are caught everyday by the thousands thanks to a particular human trait they possess. The trap is a wire cage with a hole at the[…]

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Street DJ

Street DJing

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I’ve Street DJ’ed numerous times and it’s an extremely fun way to make some side income while practicing in front of people & getting your name out there. I’ve seen videos/pictures of people bringing huge generators around with a full set-up but because of my limited space I don’t have room[…]

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Best Remixes

35 Incredible Remixes

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Here is a list of my favorite remixes of both electronic and non-electronic tracks. All of these remixes range from numerous sub-genres in EDM, which I’ve listed next to the song name. Someone of these remixes are well known while others are more underground – either way these are all[…]

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Sid Radhakrishna

The Fireside Chats

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It is fucking AMAZING when I hear about people who have started to pursue what they love. It is even better when that person is a good friend of mine – this person I’m talking about is Sid Radhakrishna who started the blog The Fireside Chats. I went to UMass[…]

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