Eric Thomas

Advice From Eric Thomas

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If you don’t recognize the name Eric Thomas then you’re definitely missing out. He’s a huge inspiration of mine, as he used to be homeless and then worked his way up to become a professional motivational speaker. He travels all around the world and speaks for top-notch organizations such as[…]

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World’s Most Comfortable Handshake

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Last year at Electric Forest I learned the World’s Most Comfortable Handshake. No joke – it’s actually extremely comfortable and one of the coolest handshakes I’ve ever learned. The key to the World’s Most Comfortable Handshake is interlacing your fingers and shaking at the same time. The key is to interlace your middle finger[…]

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The 10 Best Stand Up Comedians

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When touring I can easily do 12-14 hours per drive, and as you can imagine, this can get really boring. One of the best ways to pass the time while driving is listen to stand up comedy because of it’s format. Most stand up comedy routines are at least a half[…]

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