Soylent Review

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I’ve taken Soylent for months before and I absolutely love it. I started taking Soylent when I was making The Light Nearby because it’s an extremely convenient way to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for the day. Not only that, but it’s so quick to make. What is Soylent?[…]

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Car Living

Car Sleeping Techniques

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As a musician who tours constantly it’s inevitable that I’m going to have to sleep in my car. When I was traveling around for The Light Nearby Project, producing electronic music about each city I visited, I mostly stayed in my car because of how much traveling I had to[…]

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St. Paddy’s Day, Capoeira and Car DJing

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I’ve been told that some of the best parts about The Light Nearby was reading about all the interesting stories and experiences I had while touring the country for 10 months. Since I’ve gotten back to Boston I worked like crazy on the post production of the album and creating this[…]

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Top 5 Starbucks In The Country

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While traveling all around the country making The Light Nearby I got to see numerous sights, venues, restaurants, people, and more. Given the nature of my tour, I mostly spent my time though in Starbucks to produce and get work done. Especially now that Google provides most of the Wifi[…]

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