The Light Nearby Awards

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When making The Light Nearby it was interesting to see all the various aspects of life lived out in different cities. Each city was completely different than the last, and each one had its pros and cons. Because of the vastness of experiences I had, I wanted to give unique awards pertaining[…]

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CD Mix

The Light Nearby Music Mixes

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While traveling around for The Light Nearby I listened to so many songs – some being new, some being old. When I was in each area there were numerous songs that I discovered that somehow many my journey that much more amazing. What I usually do is listen to CDs when[…]

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The Light Nearby Instagram Videos

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When traveling around making The Light Nearby I posted numerous videos to Instagram, and if you don’t have it, you can only post a video that’s maximum 15 seconds. What I did was take every Instagram video from the tour and compile it into one YouTube video, so you can watch it[…]

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Miscellaneous May

Miscellaneous May: Concept

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Here’s the full list of all my experiences in May: Miscellaneous May. Since I wrote my post a week ago on How I Became Successful I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about it, which is always awesome to hear. One big statement I’ve heard regarding it is people asking me[…]

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