Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

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It was a crazy 2016 as I released so many tracks (I think 30+ in total!), so to start off the new year, here is my new track Open Your Eyes. I haven’t really made a track like this before, as it’s a blend of Glitch Hop, Moombahton and Trip Hop. It’s very trippy/psychedelic, so it might not be everyone’s taste, but feel free to check it out below!

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Like I said above, this one was very different than a track I usually produce. It’s a glitch hop/funky psychedelic track, involving acid-like synths and very trippy melody.

The track starts off with some vocal splicing, which I designed almost sound like a saxophone/instrument in melody structure. Once the initial 8 bar intro is done, I jump into the first part, which brings in the vocals.

The words “We’re all alone” play with a ton of reverb and delay, creating an ambient feel. In addition, I introduce the main synth, which is more in the background with a slight bit of delay as well.

Upon the build, I have the main vocals of the track appear:

“We’re all alone we’re all together. We’re all united by this life. The truth is there, why can’t you see it. You got to open up your eyes.”

Then a brief vocal melody follows, leading into the drop.

Upon the drop, I have a funky melody with numerous different instruments being taken in and out. There is a lot going on right away, but I mix it up and switch your attention to different synths to still make it followable. After the first part, I then slow it down to half-time, switching up the melody a bit and synth design, in addition to adding the vocal “ohs” into the melody.

At the third part, I then jump back into a face-paced percussion groove, including the synths and vocal ohs together.

Then I jump into the second build, which quickly transitions into the second drop. As oppose to the first drop, I jump into a half-time melody, introducing house synths to add some variation and intensity to the drops. The next two sections that follow are at the normal speed, creating a huge variety to the overall track.

Lastly, the track then closes out with the bass groove and percussion along with the vocal ohs. It was definitely a rush to produce, and even though it’s a glitch-hop track, it was surprisingly catchy in nature.

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