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Wow. So this track, out of any yet, is the heaviest I’ve made to date. It’s a combination of Dubstep, Glitch Hop and Moombahton, a genre I’m calling Moombahstep. I know that “Moombahcore” is a common genre for this style, but I’ve never been a fan of the title Moombahcore (how did that name get created anyway?). Be ready for this one, it’s a heavy, non-stop banger.

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This track, which is roughly 3:30, is pretty much non-stop. I start off the song with a brief introduction with a trance-like synth, adjusting the filter just to add some variation.

At the next part, I have a cinematic horn blast along with some funky vocals, which then quickly moves into the build. At this point I add more funky vocals and more cinematic elements, until the drop hits.

And this drop hits hard.

I combine roughly 5 different synths to create the heavy glitch/dubstep texture, going back forth between steady notes and some wobbles.

After the first drop, I just have a quick 2nd build, as I wanted to keep the energy moving throughout the entire track.

The second drop came out more intense than the first, as I added a ton of movement that keeps the drop moving throughout every bar. At the last part of the second drop, I bring back the melody from the end of the first drop, while adding the new synth from the second half of the song.

After the second drop is a 16-bar outro, just to make the song easier to mix with. It’s roughly the mirror opposite of the intro, making it more familiar.

Overall I’m pretty pumped about how this track came out, as it came out way heavier than expected. Especially for being at a Moombahton speed, this one can pack a pretty intense punch.

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