Nips?! Sir, that’s Inappropriate

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LA has been Getting more Buck every day, and there have been a lot of big things lining up and going on. What I’ve realized, is that unintentionally, these re-cap posts usually follow the pattern of: 1. Music 2. Fitness/Parkour 3. Stories (usually bouncing around). Since that format seems to work, here’s all the crazy stuff that’s been happening!

Kicking it off with music, I’ve finally gotten back on my production groove. There’s a lot of tracks I’m working on and planning to release, and since my last blog post about what’s going on in my life, I’ve released three new tracks. The first is a remix I did of Lighters Up by NGHTMRE and FLOSSTRADAMUS, check it out below:

Next, I’ve released 2 original tracks. The first is Capoeira, which is a blend of Capoeira style music along with Trap elements:

The next track is Record to the Decks, which is a blend of old-school break beat/Bboy music, along with new school Future house elements:

Besides those tracks, get ready for a lot of future releases, as I’ve been really working to start banging out more tracks and projects.

Switching gears a bit, I’ve been working out extremely hard, as I’ve been getting a lot more auditions and potential fitness roles. It’s a really amazing feeling to say this: Any day now I’m going to get a Planche Push-Up, as they’re getting a lot easier to do the negatives. Here’s a video of me doing them:

I’ve also been weight training a lot more, just to work on muscle mass and size for photo shoots and other roles. Here’s how my training has been going:

In addition to the Planche work and Weight lifting, I’ve been doing a lot more Tricking and Parkour to build up my move list. Here’s a couple videos of some moves and tricks I’ve been improving:

Besides Music and Fitness, there has been a lot going on. First off, a couple months ago in April, I broke my monthly hits record by getting 237,904 hits in just one month on my music, blogs, and videos. Pretty epic to see that a lot of my stuff has been increasing and really spreading everywhere.

I also got a lot of hits from Derren Brown, as he reposted my blog post about his top 10 best performances. The fact that he reposted it on his twitter was epic, because he has 2.3 million followers. If his name rings a bell, that’s because I actually wrote a song about him, and I’m also flying to New York later this month to see him live.

Later on that week, me and one of my good friends went to see Peking Duk live, a DJ duo. It was a pretty eventful night, as we ended up meeting a huge group of people that kept giving us free drinks all night – for no basis whatsoever. They were pretty cool though, so it was a pretty awesome event.

Speaking of, I had a really interesting incident happen to me. Now back in New England, small bottles of alcohol are referred to as “Nips.” I’m not sure where that name comes from, but that’s what everyone calls them. What’s weird, is that here in LA, there’s not really a name of them.

So at one point I was getting some alcohol, and I asked the lady at the friend if I could “have a couple Nips for tonight,” which she replied “Sir, that’s Inappropriate.” I then had to explain how we call them Nips, and we laughed about it, and I guess she said that sometimes they’re called “Miniatures” or “Minis.” I still prefer the name Nips.

Jumping back into story time, the very next week was Coachella. Now I did an entire post recapping the Coachella Parties, and I definitely suggest checking that out. Coachella this past year was one of, if not, the best weekend of my life – and for multiple reasons. I also did a YouTube video re-capping my experience, which you can watch below:

The very next week (my life is always non-stop), I talked to ETC! ETC!, a huge DJ, and got tickets to a show with him, Snavs and Meaux Green. It was a fire show, as they all blended Dubstep, Trap, Moombahton, Dancehall, and Hip Hop into insane sets.

A few nights later I went to Deadmau5’s show, and he absolutely killed it. He definitely is one of my favorite artists of all time, and regardless what you think about him personally, his music has – without question – single handedly changed electronic music forever.

After all this, the very next night I ended up DJing a Hip Hop Music Video for my friend Why Fi. He’s an unreal rapper and producer, and has been making waves with his incredible tracks. We basically through a gigantic house party where I DJ’ed for most of the night, and had a full production crew with us. Here is a mini video re-cap of that night:

It was a perfect way to end the month of April, and an even better way to kick off May. Already there’s been unreal stuff happening since this month started, but I’ll be saving that for the next post I do. To end this post off right, here’s a video I posted of my friends Baby Kittens:

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