Lighters Up (Remix)

NGHTMRE & FLOSSTRADAMUS – Lighters Up (Freccero Remix)

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Here is my newest remix of this fire track by NGHTMRE and FLOSSTRADAMUS. I’ve always been a giant fan of both these artists, so I really wanted to put my own unique spin on this already epic track. I first heard Lighters Up at EDC Vegas in 2016, and I was instantly hooked. I put my own Hard Trap spin on the original, so hit play and check it out!

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Song Explanation

Like I said in the beginning, I absolutely love the original track. Personally, the verses are some of my favorite that I’ve heard in a long time, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the drop. As a result, I definitely wanted to put my own spin on it where I keep the main verses in tact, and add in my own drop (this is pretty common in most bootlegs anyway).

For the most part, very little is changed during both the first and second verse. Just to add more to the suspenseful/energy building verses, I added in my own bass line, then added some vocal atmospheric effects and a detuned piano melody to build more excitement for the drops.

On both drops, I use the Hard Trap synth that I’ve already used in a few different tracks already. I felt that it really fit the vibe of this track, especially because both NGHTMRE and FLOSSTRADAMUS are huge into harder trap melodies.

Along with the synth design, I added in a crowd effect to make the drop sound more lively, all backed by a strong 808 Bass. I made the 808 Sub in Massive, and using envelopes, I made the front end of the 808 more punchy – therefore I didn’t need a Kick to go along with the sub (a lot of Trap songs do this too).

Lastly, I added in some more percussive elements and some snaps every couple measures, just adding some unique elements to make the drop more vibrant. I did this for both drops, blending my own style with an already epic record by NGHTMRE and FLOSSTRADAMUS.

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