My Top 5 Pandora Stations

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I listen to Pandora all the time, as it’s a great way to find new music that all revolves around one style/genre. In case you don’t know, Pandora is a radio station where you can type in an artist, song, album, or genre and it will play songs that have similar musical qualities.

I’ve been listening to Pandora for years, and over time I’ve discovered some pretty awesome stations with dope music. Here are my Top 5 Pandora Stations that I listen to, and each one has a different style/genre.

1. Freccero

Okay yea, I may be a bit biased with this station haha. I initially got added to Pandora when I released my debut album The Light Nearby, and per the idea of the project, each song on that album was a different genre in EDM. Therefore, my station contains tracks from numerous genres such as chill/ambient, moombahton, trap, electro house, dubstep and more. Besides it being my own station, I really like it because there is a huge variety as oppose to just one specific niche of music.

2. Today’s Comedy

This station is the best for car rides. I absolutely love stand up comedy, and it’s my #1 choice of material to listen to when I’m doing distance drives. You’ll be laughing like crazy and be exposed to so many different comedians with so many different styles. Keep in mind that this station does have a lot of profanity, so if you’re with kids it might not be the best. Nonetheless, this station is fucking awesome, and you can’t go wrong with listening to comedy while driving.

3. Flight Facilities

I first got introduced to this station in college by one of my friends and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. It’s the perfect station for chill yet upbeat music, whether you’re studying, relaxing, or just using it for background music. This station contains chill electronic music, hip hop, ambient and pop. (Pro Tip: If you happen to have a…”lady friend” over one night, this is the absolute best station to put on in the background – trust me).

4. Rev Theory

The first style of music that I ever really got into was rock/hard rock. This station features numerous rock tracks that are all upbeat and have the energy you want for working out, getting pumped up, getting motivated, or just enjoying some good rock songs. Although I mostly listen to Electronic Music, I listen to this station a lot when I want some good, hard rock songs to get me pumped up.

5. Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis is the man. And his station is just as epic, as it plays styles of moombahton, trap, dubstep, electro house and even hip hop. This is the type of station that’s perfect for raging, pregaming, or any event that you need to Get Buck. I also find the best music on this station, and I’ll routinely will save new tracks because there’s so many bangers on here.

Those are the best stations that I have on my account –  If you know if a really good station that I didn’t mention, feel free to post a comment and let me know!

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