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My 5 Favorite Podcasts

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I love listening to podcasts, especially when driving, as they are the perfect way to pass time while also learning information. For those who don’t know, podcasts are audio-based conversations that usually revolve around a specific topic/area. Not only are they a really good way to learn more about a specific topic, but they’re completely free and you can stream them right off your phone.

Since I listen to them all the time, here’s my 5 favorite podcasts to listen to!


1. The Tim Ferriss Show

This is my favorite podcast by far. Tim Ferriss, author of Four Hour Work Week, is one of my favorite entrepreneurs, as tries to de-construct various techniques and tactics. In his podcast he interviews people from various fields and de-constructs how they became so successful so anyone can replicate their results. He’s interviewed famous people such as Tony Robbins, Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more, and they always provide incredibly valuable insights of how they become successful.


2. The Art of Charm

This podcast is more geared towards men but it really can apply to anyone. On The Art of Charm they talk about various techniques to improve your life – networking, attraction, fitness, nutrition, and more. The best part about this podcast is that they bring up a lot of studies and facts, making it one of the most interesting (and useful) podcasts out there.


3. The Road to Ripped

As you can imagine by the title, this podcast is geared specifically towards fitness and nutrition. As oppose to the previous podcasts, which have different topics depending on the episode, the road to ripped targets techniques on building muscle, losing fat, eating right, health techniques and more. Even if you’re not into working out this podcast has tons of useful advice about all areas of health.


4. Smart Passive Income

First off, Pat Flynn is the man. He’s the owner of the site Smart Passive Income, author of Let Go, and is overall the most famous passive income entrepreneur in history. His podcast dives into various passive income techniques, and the best part about his podcast (and Pat overall) is that he’s very honest about which methods work and which methods don’t. This podcast is incredibly valuable for anyone looking to make passive income (real estate, blogging, YouTube, business, etc).


5. EDM Producer

I decided to put this podcast last because, as you can imagine, it’s for a very specific niche. In this podcast various producers are interviewed about their production techniques for making music. For any producers out there, electronic-based or not, this podcast will provide tons of useful tips and techniques for improving your production abilities.

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