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My 3 BEST Secrets for Making Money on YouTube You Probably Didn’t Know

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When it comes to Making Money on YouTube, there are so many different ways to approach it. Some people want to make YouTubing (I think that’s a word now…) their full-time income, while other people use it as a strong marketing tool to make a little side cash.

Regardless of what boat you’re in, my goal of this article is to explain my 3 best tips to help you improve your current income with YouTube. After I released my article explaining the 11 steps I took to make over $1,000/month in passive income online, I had a lot of people asking me what my best tips were regarding YouTube.

To keep it short and simple, I narrowed down my approach to just 3 tips – follow these carefully!

Bonus Tip: Make a TON of Videos

Starting this list off with a quick bonus tip, and probably the most important one on this list. Making tons and tons of videos is the #1, guaranteed, surefire way to increasing your income on YouTube. If you make a dollar per month per video, then make 1,000 videos to eventually reach 1K/month. I know I’m oversimplifying this a bit, but overall, making a lot of videos will 100% increase your income.


Tip #1: Content FIRST, Production Second

Starting off with tip #1, make sure your content comes first and production comes second. Here’s a huge key insight to huge YouTubers: They realize that the value that comes from their video is within the content, not in the overall production.

Now don’t get me wrong – a good production always helps. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to people about YouTube, and they say that they want to buy all this expensive equipment. They’re spending tons of time, effort, and money on having an incredible production – and not spending any time making sure they’re providing a lot of value.

Whether it’s funny, interesting, informative, or unique, make sure that the quality of your content is as high as possible. For example, the video that I did explaining these tips was filmed with my iPhone, and I was just standing talking. The production was ultra simple, but I made sure that the content – the value – was the strongest it could be.


Tip #2: New Subscribers vs. Returning Subscribers

When it comes to make videos, it’s extremely important to keep this in mind: The BEST customer, online, is a new one – NOT a returning one. The classic saying that the best customer is returning one is the completely opposite online, and this is extremely important to recognize.

What you’ll notice is that most of your traffic will come from people who don’t know you. The internet is a huge place, and 99% of people watching your videos don’t know you or your story. So here’s the key: Make tons of videos that bring people value, ensuring that they don’t have to know you to get something out of it.

The most viral videos online – whether they’re funny or interesting or informative  – become viral because they give the viewer some emotional reaction that’s independent of the creator’s backstory.

Here’s what I do: 80% of my videos are geared towards people who don’t know me – that’s why How-To and Tutorial videos are so popular. Even with this post/video, most people reading/watching don’t know me – but you can still something out of it to improve your life.

Then, make sure that 20% of your videos directly address your subscribers – this is a good way to build a solid fan base and keep people coming back to watch you.


Tip #3: The Angel is in the Analytics

We’ve all heard the classic saying “The Devil is in the Details,” but in this case, the Angel is in the Analytics. Drill this into your head: Not all views are created equal.

Read that sentence again.

When it comes to Making Money on YouTube – and making a lot of money on it – the key is understanding the most lucrative niches and attacking them. And by attacking, I mean targeting specific sub-niches and producing mass amounts of videos about them.

I’m oversimplifying this a bit, but in general, various companies out bid each other to put their ad on your videos. And as you can imagine, certain topics/niches are more lucrative – meaning companies are willing to spend more to have their ad on your video.

For example, the ads on a video reviewing a DJ Board are going to generate more revenue than the ads on how to do a perfect pushup.

Here’s what I do: Every morning (literally), I check my analytics to notice trends. By seeing what videos get a lot of hits and which ones generate a lot of revenue, you can start to hone in on a specific niche or sub-niche.

Initially, what I would suggest is you organize your videos by how much they’ve made in the last 28 days. Then, divide the revenue per video by the the number of views. For example, if one video got 1,000 views and made $10, you made roughly $0.01/view.

What you’ll notice is that, like I said above, not all views are created equal. And by using this method you can figure out which topics are the best to do videos on, and you can start pumping them out.

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