Miscellaneous May 20: Lyft/Uber Freestyle

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Here’s the full list of all my experiences in May: Miscellaneous May.

This was actually a really fun Miscellaneous May, and it was something that I really wanted to do in a very certain way. Back in college I was into Freestyle Rapping, and I did it a lot. I’m definitely not as good as I used to be haha, but it was always an interesting thing to do on the side.

I wanted to get back into it, and I figured that Miscellaneous May was a perfect way to jump back on board. Because it was Miscellaneous May, however, I had to do it in a way that I’ve never done before and make it interesting.

Freestyling is best when you have content, so as an idea, I decided to drive for Lyft/Uber. After I dropped someone off, I would then throw on some music (my favorite is either Pretty Lights and Gramatik for beats) and have to do a mini freestyle until I picked up the next person.

I was definitely wicked rusty, and I didn’t rap in front of anyone cause I was pretty bad haha, but it was good to get back into it and try it in a way I’ve never done before.

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