Miscellaneous May 19: Drive All Day

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Here’s the full list of all my experiences in May: Miscellaneous May.

I love exploring different aspects of business and entrepreneurship, so when Lyft and Uber became popular, I thought it was an awesome idea – both for the companies, drivers, and riders.

Quick Note: If you’ve never used Lyft before, use the code MARC25 to get your first ride free! If you want to ride for Uber, click here: Uber Driver Application and ff you want to drive for Lyft, click here: Lyft Driver Application.

I’ve done Lyft/Uber on the side before, just to see how the experience would go, and a ton of people have asked me what the income is like. Personally I think the income is okay, but I was always curious what it would be like if you drove all day.

I drove roughly 25,000 miles in 10 months when I was touring for The Light Nearby, so I’ve done distance driving before, but no joke – driving for Lyft/Uber is extremely tiring, especially for that long.

Even still, I figured why not give it a shot. Just to be open about everything, I was driving in Boston on a Tuesday. I would have probably made more if it was a weekend night, but I have other Miscellaneous May activities planned. I drove from roughly 8am to 10:30pm and made roughly $300, making the average hourly rate roughly $21.

I drove a ton of people, and had some interesting experiences, and at the end I was absolutely wiped out. But it was cool to try it for one day, just to see what the income potential could be.

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