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Miscellaneous May 11: Free Heineken at Workbar

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Here’s the full list of all my experiences in May: Miscellaneous May.

This one was pretty awesome. Every year during May there’s a week-long event in Boston called Together, which combines art and music into one big festival. There’s tons of events, from EDM shows, to workshops, to art instillations, and more. In addition, as you can imagine, they always have a ton of sponsors…

…which leads me into the 11th Miscellaneous May. There was an event going on at Workbar where they were giving out free Heineken as part of a promotion for Together Boston. I’ve never been to Workbar before, and it was a really cool place where they encourage creative learning and innovation.

It was a pretty fun time, as both DJs were really good and played a mix of future and house. It was a perfect way to spend a Monday night, and also prepare myself for this week’s Miscellaneous May activities because there’s a lot of interesting ones.

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