Miscellaneous May 1: Lyft/Uber on a Friday Night

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Here’s the full list of all my experiences in May: Miscellaneous May.

Last night was the start to Miscellaneous May, and I didn’t post this until this morning because I did Lyft/Uber in the night time. Since the first day of May was a Friday, I wanted to do something interesting, and since I’ve been asked if I’ve ever done Lyft/Uber on a Friday night, I figured to try it out.

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Last night was absolutely crazy, and a perfect start to Miscellaneous May. Firstly, to start off, it was good to not drink on a Friday night (that should go without saying considering I was driving). I started Lyft/Uber around 5 and then ended around 7, then started back up again at 9. When started at 9 I just got people who were heading to pregames, but around 11 is where things really picked up.

My goal for Miscellaneous May was to have one blog post and video per experience, because some things can only be explained via video, so that was my goal last night. However, as you can imagine, when I asked people if I could film them they felt uncomfortable, and in addition it was difficult to film people when they were acting crazy and I was trying to drive them safely.

Here’s what I can say: It was insane. It was a little more dead than I thought it would be, but the rides I had were crazy. I can’t really say what happened on the rides, because this entire post is out for the internet to see, but it was a wicked entertaining night. I probably wouldn’t drive for Lyft/Uber again on a weekend night, because I actually get paid more in the morning and afternoon commute hours, but it was still a fun night and a perfect way to start of Miscellaneous May.

The video is posted below, but before you watch it, awesome side note. After posting about Miscellaneous May I had some friends decide they wanted to take part in it as well. My friend Jayme, who I did Parkour with at UMass, began yesterday by only wearing an epic mustache:

If you decide you want to try it out too, feel free to let me know, and I’ll definitely mention you on my blog!

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