Masshole EP

Masshole EP

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Here’s my newest album, Masshole EP! What I did for this album is write 4 anthems for the Sports teams of Boston: Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. The entire EP is 5 tracks long, with the 4 sports anthems plus one bonus track (the intro).

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1. Masshole Territory
I had this track be an epic intro, as I wanted to have a smooth introduction into the other 4 tracks. I had this track be a very cinematic type opening, combining tons of organic instruments with hard hitting percussion. I then had an epic movie-style announcer say “You are now entering Masshole Territory. Home of the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots. Welcome, to Boston.”

2. Boston Bruins
I decided to make the track about the bruins a really intense, epic Electro House track. Because the Bruins usually play in an indoor sports stadium, I design this track to be really bass heavy and grooving while not being too intense. I had the verses of the track be an epic and uplifting trance melody, which then build to the sound of the Bruins Goal Horn right before the drop. On the drops, I had a Melbourne Bounce style percussion groove and synth design, making it a really energetic track.

3. Boston Celtics
Right away I knew that the Celtics had to be a Hip Hop/Trap style track, but it also couldn’t be too electronic in nature. For this track I used a lot of trap horns for the verses, combined with some hip hop percussion grooves to really make it flow. For the drops, I had them extremely bass heavy along with a really catchy saxophone melody. This song is simple yet grooving, as the combination of the organic instruments (saxophone and horns), bass and percussion make this a catchy track.

4. New England Patriots
With the Patriots arguably being the best football team in history, I wanted this track to have big room elements along with tons of epic/cinematic elements. I had this track initially start off with just a trumpet, and as the song progresses I had a lot of movie-style elements (hard-hitting percussion, choirs, timpanis, and more). On the drops, I had a strong big room lead with a ton of reverb to make this track pump and feel full and alive. This one came out as a straight up Big Room banger with tons of cinematic elements.

5. Boston Red Sox
Out of any track on this album, the Red Sox track was the trickiest to make. Because Baseball isn’t as intense as the other sports on this list, I wanted to make this track a Tech House track that is upbeat and catchy yet isn’t as intense as an electro banger. For this track I had a simple vocal melody/funk groove that I repeated and modulated along with a jazzy bass melody. I purposely made this track a slight bit repetitive, as I wanted it to be perfect for a Sox game where it’s energetic and pumping but not too much in your face.

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