Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

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Mardi Gras, happening in New Orleans, is an incredible event with Culture, Food, People and especially Music. With New Orleans being the birthplace and capital of Jazz, I decided to produce my own track for the event. Rather than produce it as an Electronic/EDM track, I wanted to make it a full Jazz/Funk track with little to no electronic elements. Enjoy!

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Song Explanation

For this track, I wanted to start it off immediately with some horns. There’s nothing more Jazzy/Funky than an upbeat horn line, and it was a perfect way to kick the vibe off right.

After a percussion build, I jump into the first verse. I had some really funky and soulful vocals for this track, layered with the horns and a lot of other elements to keep it groovy. I didn’t want to put too much in the verses, as I wanted to highlight the vocals.

The track that inevitably builds, but instead of an electronic type drop, I decided to make an energetic sax groove that’s layered by a bass line and funky percussion. Usually, in EDM, a “Drop” is a release of musical tension, but in this case, I had it be more of a chorus where I continue the energy I’ve already built up.

Next, I went into the second verse, which is similar as the first just with different lyrics. The track continues, which I then build back up into the second chorus.

Similar to the first, the saxophone was the main element of the chorus, just with a different melody this time. I didn’t want this song to be too all over the place, as I wanted the verses and choruses to be easy to follow yet funky and energetic.



Come on baby
Bring me down
And take me to your
Funk Town
I don’t need your lovin’
I get around
I just wanna wear your
Funk Crown

Every minute
In your grace
I rebel in you
Respect the space
You’re the varsity
The way you move
I just wanna wear your
Funk Shoes

I feel the rhythm float through my veins
Bringing out in me
The energy that gave you your name
My head stuck in
Your Funk Love

Check this lady
I’m doing my thing
Here to entertain you
Here to bring
Energy to the room
A groovy tune
It looks like I’ve taken your
Funk Moves 

Move over baby
Make space for me
You keep your crown
I’ll be Queen Bee
I’m ready for this
More than I’ve ever been
I’m headin’ downtown
To the Funk Scene

I feel the rhythm float through my veins
Bringing out in me
The energy that gave you your name
My head stuck in
Your Funk Love

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